Does this sound like you?
  • You want to replace the income from your job.
  • You are seeking to fulfill your entrepreneurial aspirations and take control of your professional destiny.
  • You want to the opportunity to generate significant wealth and achieve financial independence.
  • You want to enjoy more control over your work schedule, allowing for a better work-life balance and spend more time with your friends and family.
  • You want to establish a personal legacy and create a lasting impact in your chosen industry or community.
  • You want to Experience personal satisfaction, pride, and a sense of accomplishment that comes with building something of value.
  • You want to Take charge and make decisions independently, shaping the direction and strategy of your own business.

Introducing "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business" - the ultimate course for aspiring Acquisition Entrepreneurs who want to acquire a profitable company and take their wealth to the next level.

Led by business expert Jon Stoddard, this course will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for buying a million-dollar business and achieving financial freedom and buying more time with family and friends. 

With "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business", you'll learn how to:

  • Identify profitable businesses for sale
  • Conduct due diligence to assess a business's financial health
  • Negotiate a fair purchase price and deal terms
  • Finance the acquisition using creative financing techniques
  • Manage the post-acquisition integration process

This course is designed for anyone who wants to break into Acquisition Entrepreneurship or take their existing business to the next level.

Whether you're a seasoned executive or a first-time buyer, "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business" will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the world of business acquisition.


What's Inside the "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business" Course?

Step 1. 

Goal Setting & Introduction - 8 Lessons

  • About Your Instructor & Course Agenda
  • 11 Reasons (Pros) to Buy a Business vs Start a Business
  • 9 Reasons (Cons) Not to Buy a Business
  • 12 Hard Learned Lessons About Buying a Business
  • No Money Out of Pocket Myth Busters
  • Mini Webinar on Buying Your First Business & Q&A
  • Turning Dreams to Goals to Steps to Tasks to Reality!
  • Goals & Acquisitions: Marshall Goldsmith is paid $100k to help CEOs 
  • The Importance of a Buyer Acquisition Profile - Getting Prepared

Step 2.

Creating Ideal Acquisition Target List - 9 Lessons

  • Finding a Good Business & Taking Massive Action
  • ON Market Deal Flow -over 100 "Motivated Seller" Broker Websites
  • How to Acquire a business on BizBuySell - A Step by Step Process
  • 5 Reasons to Chase ON Market Deals
  • A Few Words on Business Brokers
  • OFF Market Deal Flow - Setting Expectations
  • Get The LinkedIn Deal Flow System and Direct Mail System Included (Free with purchase)
  • More Ideas to Create Off Market Deal Flow
  • How to Get 1000's of Deals Sent to your email
  • FREE The LinkedIn Deal Flow System and Direct Mail System Value: $197

Step 3.

Seller Exploration Calls - Knowing What to Ask & Say - 4 Lessons

  • Taking Control & First Meeting Seller Questions - over 100 Possible Questions to Ask
  • You Cannot Acquire a Business Until the Seller Wants to Sell to You
  • Being Prepared to Help the Seller
  • What if the Seller is Deathly Afraid of the Tax Man?

Step 4.

Due Diligence & Analyzing the Deal - 7 Lessons

  • What Financial Report Cards to Ask For
  • How to Read the Financial Report Cards
  • Looking for Red Flags with the Income Statement
  • Looking for Red Flags with the Balance Sheet
  • Looking for Red Flags with the Cash Flow Statement
  • Risk Mitigation: How to Identify, Assess and Treat Risk
  • 17 Types of Business You Don't Want to Buy
  • FREE Deal Review Genius Value: $499

Step 5.

Valuation & Negotiation of the Deal - 4 Lessons

  • Valuation Methods - Determine How Much a Company is Worth
  • Structuring the Best Deal: Price vs Terms
  • The Key to Landing a Deal:  Making More Offers
  • Deeper Dive: Due Diligence - Finding the Skeletons - that changes to Price

Step 6.

How to Raise Capital To Finance the Deal - 19+ Lessons

  • Taking a Debt Stress Test First
  • Financial Leverage with SBA Loans
  • Buy the Business (w/SBA) vs. Buy the Business (w/SBA) and Real Estate
  • An SBA Funding Webinar
  • What Happens After the LOI - How Long Does SBA Process Take?
  • How to Raise the Down Payment (if you don't have it)
  • Intro to Raising Capital - My Experience
  • How to Find HNWI & Investors on LinkedIn/Online
  • Creating a Pitch Deck 
  • How to 10X Your Chance of Landing an investor - Fat Pitch!
  • 19 Questions to Qualify an Investor & Asking for the Money: Scripts
  • Understanding Seller Notes
  • The SEC & Private Placement offerings
  • FREE Capital Raise Formula Value: $997

Step 7.

How to Grow Your Business 5X FASTER Through Acquisitions - 10 Lessons

  • Modeling Success & the 4 Types of Serial Acquirers 
  • 7 Types of Businesses to Buy if you already own a Business
  • How to Buy Traffic Like Neil Patel
  • How to Buy,  FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, Meetup Groups
  • Types of Holding Companies
  • Holding Co.  Legal Structure & Tax Implications
  • Multiples Arbitrage - Where the BIG Money is
  • 13 Reasons Why to Grow Through Acquisition: Transformational Wealth

Courses Only - $799

  • How to Buy a Million Dollar Business - $2400 Value
  • How to Raise Capital for Acquisitions - $997 Value
  • Deal Review Genius - $499 Value
  • LinkedIn Deal Flow System - $150 Value
  • Direct Mail Deal Flow System - $47 Value
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Courses & Community - $199 a month

  • Bi-Weekly Group Zoom Meetings: Ask Me Anything: Deal Flow, Deal Review, Deal Financing etc. 
  • The Capital Raise Formula Course - $997 Value
  • The LinkedIn Deal Flow System Course - $150 Value
  • Deal Review Genius Course - $499 Value
  • The Direct Mail Deal Flow System Course - $47 Value
  • Pitch Deck Secrets Book - $27 Value
  • One time pay - Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Updates (new modules/lessons)
  • 20+ M&A Formulas & Templates 
  • 30 Day Value Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A private Facebook group where you can connect with other course participants and get support from Jon Stoddard himself
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