Struggling to Find the Right Deals or Overwhelmed by Business Buying Complexities?

Then you need to watch this Video...


Struggling to Find the Right Deals or Overwhelmed by the Complexities of Buying a Business?

Then you need to watch this Video...


Expert Coaching to Help You Buy Your First Million Dollar Business!

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You Don’t Need a Private Equity Background or a Fortune to Buy a Million Dollar Business... 

You just need the right coach and a proven blueprint. That’s where my program, "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business," comes in.   This program will teach you everything you need to know to buy your first business without risking your life savings.

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What's Inside "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business?

PART 1.  How to Create a Million Dollar Deal Flow Machine

Think you can't generate leads?
Think again! You’ll gain a competitive edge with a killer marketing strategy designed specifically for business acquisitions.   You’ll learn how to target the right sellers, build rock-solid credibility, and generate a constant stream of high-quality leads. Your deal flow will be unstoppable.  

Training Modules Include:
  • Finding a Good Business and Taking Massive Action
  • ON Market Deal Flow - Tools to Save Time
  • How to Acquire a Business on BizBuySell - Step by Step
  • 5 Reasons to Chase ON Market Deals
  • How to Work with Business Brokers
  • How to Create OFF Market Deal Flow - And Creative Financing
  • How to Create Deal Flow from LinkedIn and Grow Your Personal Brand to Attract Deals
  • Meeting the Seller, Taking Control and Knowing What to Ask
  • You Cannot Buy Until the Seller Wants to Sell to You
  • And Why You Need to Be Prepared to Help the Seller


PART 2.  How to Become a Million Dollar Deal Review Expert

Worried about missing red flags?  Not anymore! You'll transform into a Deal Review Genius. Master the art of spotting red flags in any acquisition. With a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, you'll assess deals with surgical precision. Say goodbye to costly mistakes and hello to confident decision-making.

Training Modules Include:
  • What Financial Report Cards to Ask for and How to Read Them
  • Spotting for Red Flags on the Income Statement
  • Spotting for Red Flags on the Balance Sheet
  • Spotting Red Flags on the Cash Flow Statement
  • Risk Mitigation:  How to Identify, Assess and Treat Risk
  • 17 Types of Businesses You Should Never Buy
  • Valuations Methods - How to Determine How Much a Company is Worth from the Financial Report Cards 
  • Negotiating Working Capital - The 2nd Biggest Sticking Point
  • Structuring the Best Deal:  Prices vs Terms
  • The Secret to Landing More Deals
PART 3.  How to Master Million Dollar Deal Financing and Capital Raising

Think you can't get financing? 
Think again! Unlock the secrets to securing the capital you need for acquisitions by mastering deal financing. Learn to navigate the complex world of funding, from traditional bank loans to creative financing solutions. You’ll build solid relationships with investors, craft irresistible pitches, and leverage financial strategies to ensure you have the funds to close any deal, no matter the size. Say goodbye to financing fears and hello to unlimited potential.  

Training Modules Include:
  • Putting the Target Business Under Debt Stress Test
  • Financial Leverage with SBA Loans
  • SBA Funding Webinar 
  • What Happens after the LOI and How Long Does the SBA Process Take? 
  • How to Raise the Down Payment from Outside Investors
  • Intro to Raising Capital - My Experience
  • Finding High Net Worth Individuals & Creating a Pitch Deck
  • 19 Questions to Ask and Qualify an Investor 
  • Understanding Seller Notes,  Revenue and Profit Share Offers - What type of Business they are good for
  • The SEC/FINRA and Private Placement Offers
  • HELOCs,  ROBBs and Searchfunds - what is better for you?


PLUS...Be part of a Powerful Business Buying Community

Immerse yourself in 'PASS or Pursue,' an exclusive community dedicated to mastering deal review. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs and business buyers who are passionate about evaluating deals with precision. Share insights, gain support, and learn from peers navigating the same journey. With access to collective wisdom and real-world experiences, you'll sharpen your deal review skills and build connections that open doors to new opportunities.

Imagine being part of a network that’s just as driven as you are – a network that’s all about helping you succeed.


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Join us and discover how you can buy your first Million Dollar business without risking your life savings or spending years in a classroom.

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Meet Jon: Your Coach

Jon Stoddard is an entrepreneur, host of Top M&A Entrepreneurs podcast and one of nations top business buying strategists.   

He has successfully acquired three businesses, shutting down one, selling another, and still owning equity in the third.  Jon is the head of acquisitions for a Private Equity company called Patriot Growth Capital and has also interviewed over 150 serial acquirers, M&A service providers, and investment bankers, gaining invaluable insights - that would a take a lifetime to learn.  Jon firmly believes that acquiring established businesses offers greater potential for success and profitability. Through his own experiences and learning from the failures and successes of his podcast guests, he emphasizes the value of learning from others' mistakes to accelerate one's path to success.

Jon's journey is marked by both triumphs and setbacks. His first acquisition was shut down due to changes in Yahoo's ad policy. However, he went on to buy, grow, and sell a hearing aid e-commerce company on EmpireFlippers and still holds a minority equity position in his third acquisition. Additionally, he co-founded TurboSquid, a startup that raised $5 million and was sold to Shutterstock.

As the host of the "Top M&A Entrepreneurs" podcast, Jon shares strategies from nearly 150 M&A entrepreneurs to help listeners start acquiring companies and become serial acquirers. He created DealFlowSystem, which evolved into a coaching program for other acquisition entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their goals.

Jon has also helped raise more than $50 million for startups, public companies, and helped Uplist an OTC company to NASDAQ.

On a personal note, Jon is a Prostate Cancer conqueror, a loving husband, father of teenage twins, and a dog lover. He is an alumnus of Northern Arizona University (NAU) and a United States Air Force veteran, with a memorable experience riding in the back seat of an F4 Phantom Fighter.

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