Imagine Owning a Business That’s  Already Worth $Millions - Let's Turn That Into YOUR Reality

I'll Show You Exactly How to Spot the Perfect Million Dollar Business Opportunity.  Find the Right One, I’ll Swing the Doors Wide Open to My Network of Elite Investors


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Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

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Opportunity to Generate Significant Wealth and Achieve Financial Independence?

If any of the questions resonate with you, then you're in the right place.   We understand your ambitions and aspirations, and we're here to help you turn those dreams into reality.     Here is an example on How Buying a Million Dollar Business Can Unlock the Door to Generational Wealth... 

This example reveals the transformative power of Buying a Million Dollar Business — a key step towards building a lasting legacy for you and your family for generations. 

To empower you on this journey, we are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive course "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business".   The ultimate course for aspiring Acquisition Entrepreneurs who want to grow through acquisition and take their wealth to the next level.

Led by business expert Jon Stoddard, this course will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for buying a million-dollar business and achieving financial freedom.

With "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business", you'll learn how to:

  • Create Massive Deal Flow: Find ON & OFF Market profitable businesses for sale
  • Identify Bad Deals in 5 Min Flat so you ONLY focus on "GOOD" Financeable Deals
  • Negotiate a FAIR purchase PRICE and deal TERMS
  • Raise 100% of the Debt & Equity from OUTSIDE INVESTORS to Acquire the Business



You read that correctly.   Remember that example above, where the Buyer Equity Invested was $300k?   If you find a GOOD Deal,  I will bring the Investors.  With the latest SBA regulations and a vast network of enthusiastic investors accessible through my sources and social media network, you now have the unprecedented opportunity to raise 100% of the required debt and equity to buy the business exclusively from outside sources.

Unlock this groundbreaking strategy exclusively through our comprehensive "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business"  course and community, where you'll gain the unique insights and tools necessary to master the art of fully funding your business acquisition using outside capital.

Yes, I want in, Let's get started...


What's Inside the "How to Buy a Million Dollar Business" Course?

Goal Setting & Introduction

  • About Your Instructor & Course Agenda
  • 11 Reasons (Pros) to Buy a Business vs Start a Business
  • 9 Reasons (Cons) Not to Buy a Business
  • 12 Hard Learned Lessons About Buying a Business
  • No Money Out of Pocket Myth Busters
  • Mini Webinar on Buying Your First Business & Q&A
  • Turning Dreams to Goals to Steps to Tasks to Reality!
  • Goals & Acquisitions: Marshall Goldsmith is paid $100k to help CEOs 
  • The Importance of a Buyer Acquisition Profile - Getting Prepared

Creating Ideal Acquisition Target List

  • Finding a Good Business & Taking Massive Action
  • ON Market Deal Flow -over 100 "Motivated Seller" Broker Websites
  • How to Acquire a business on BizBuySell - A Step by Step Process
  • 5 Reasons to Chase ON Market Deals
  • A Few Words on Business Brokers
  • OFF Market Deal Flow - Setting Expectations
  • Get The LinkedIn Deal Flow System and Direct Mail System Included (Free with purchase)
  • More Ideas to Create Off Market Deal Flow
  • How to Get 1000's of Deals Sent to your email
  • FREE The LinkedIn Deal Flow System ($150) and Direct Mail System ($47)

Meeting the Seller - Knowing What to Ask

  • Taking Control & First Meeting Seller Questions - over 100 Possible Questions to Ask
  • You Cannot Acquire a Business Until the Seller Wants to Sell to You
  • Being Prepared to Help the Seller
  • What if the Seller is Deathly Afraid of the Tax Man?

Due Diligence & Analyzing the Deal

  • What Financial Report Cards to Ask For
  • How to Read the Financial Report Cards
  • Looking for Red Flags with the Income Statement
  • Looking for Red Flags with the Balance Sheet
  • Looking for Red Flags with the Cash Flow Statement
  • Risk Mitigation: How to Identify, Assess and Treat Risk
  • 17 Types of Business You Don't Want to Buy
  • FREE Deal Review Genius Value: $299

Valuation & Negotiation of the Deal

  • Valuation Methods - Determine How Much a Company is Worth
  • Structuring the Best Deal: Price vs Terms
  • The Key to Landing a Deal:  Making More Offers
  • Deeper Dive: Due Diligence - Finding the Skeletons - that changes to Price

How to Raise Capital to Finance the Deal

  • Taking a Debt Stress Test First
  • Financial Leverage with SBA Loans
  • Buy the Business (w/SBA) vs. Buy the Business (w/SBA) and Real Estate
  • An SBA Funding Webinar
  • What Happens After the LOI - How Long Does SBA Process Take?
  • How to Raise the Down Payment (if you don't have it)
  • Intro to Raising Capital - My Experience
  • How to Find HNWI & Investors on LinkedIn/Online
  • Creating a Pitch Deck 
  • How to 10X Your Chance of Landing an investor - Fat Pitch!
  • 19 Questions to Qualify an Investor & Asking for the Money: Scripts
  • Understanding Seller Notes
  • The SEC & Private Placement offerings
  • FREE Capital Raise Formula Value: $495

Be Part of the Deal Review "PASS or PURSE" COMMUNITY

  • Surround Yourself with Serious Business Buyers - Surrounding yourself with serious business buyers catalyzes your growth and sharpens your competitive edge.  By connecting with serious buyers, you're not just expanding your professional circle—you're aligning with the movers and shakers of the industry, setting a solid foundation for your own success and influence in the market.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Learning - Business buyer communities are rich with collective wisdom and experiences. Members share insights on best practices, emerging trends, and strategies that work (or don't). This environment fosters continuous learning, keeping you informed about the latest developments in your industry.

  • Networking Opportunities - This Pass or Pursue Community connects you with peers and even potential partners. Networking within this groups can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that might not be accessible through traditional channels.

  • Support System & Shared Goals - The journey of a business buyer can be challenging, with complex decisions and high stakes. A community provides a support system of peers who understand these challenges firsthand. Whether you're seeking advice, feedback, or just a listening ear, the community can be a great source of support.

Joining the "PASS or PURSUE business buyer community can significantly impact your effectiveness, efficiency, and your results.  The benefits of knowledge sharing, networking, and mutual support create a foundation for personal and professional growth. In an always learning landscape, being part of a vibrant community of like-minded professionals can be a game-changer.

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    • Deal Review Genius - $299 Value
    • LinkedIn Deal Flow System - $150 Value
    • Direct Mail Deal Flow System - $47 Value
    • Pitch Deck Secrets - $27 Value 
  • Access to all our workshops ($300 value)
  • Access to all our interviews


  • 10,000 You-Contact-Yourself, OFF Market - No Broker leads, with Revenue, EBITDA, Business Name, Emails & Phone Numbers


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  • Challenges & Accountability
  • Live Masterminds & Trainings
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  • Access to all courses ($1500 value)
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  • Personalized Real Time Help
  • Challenges & Accountability
  • Live Masterminds & Trainings
  • Weekly Group Coaching "Pass of Pursue"


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