The "Buy a Million-Dollar Business" course, community & coaching guarantees to fast-track your journey to identifying and acquiring a high-quality Multi-Million-dollar business. By leveraging my proven strategies, you'll shorten the learning curve, secure financing, and swiftly achieve wealth and Independence.

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Once upon a time, you worked for someone else. 


Here's how buying a million dollar business can unlock the door to wealth & independence 

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What's Inside the "Buy a Million-Dollar Business" course?

1.  Goal Setting & Introduction

The Creator Buy a Million Dollar Business Course is made up of 6 in-depth chapters, 100 lessons, and 20 hours of video instruction that can be completed on your own time and group coaching that meets once per week.   When you join my business buying coaching program, you'll acquire the skills and tools necessary to thrive, take decisive action, and develop the persistent mindset needed to succeed to buy a business in the next 12 months. 

2. Creating & Finding Your Acquisition Target

Deal flow is the cornerstone of business buying because it determines the breadth and quality of options available, enabling better informed decision-making. Deal flow, with question, is the important step in the acquisition process, robust deal flow is crucial as it directly influences the likelihood of finding a well-matched, lucrative business opportunity.

3.  Meeting the Seller - Knowing What to Ask

Meeting the seller is vital in business buying as it helps you ask targeted questions to uncover the true condition and potential of the business.

4.  Due Diligence & Analyzing the Deal

Due diligence and analyzing the deal are essential in business buying as they ensure you fully understand the financial health and operational risks before finalizing the purchase.

5.  Valuation & Negotiation of the Deal

Valuation and negotiation are key in business buying as they determine a fair price and terms, ensuring a financially sound investment.

6.  How to Raise Capital to Finance the Deal

Raising capital is critical when buying a business as it ensures you have the necessary funds to secure and sustain the investment without compromising financial stability.

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Join the Highly Vetted Community
of Business Buyers

Joining the "PASS or PURSUE business buyer community can significantly impact your effectiveness, efficiency, and your results.  The benefits of knowledge sharing, networking, and mutual support create a foundation for personal and professional growth. In an always learning landscape, being part of a vibrant community of like-minded professionals can be a game-changer.

  • Surround Yourself with Serious Business Buyers -¬†Surrounding yourself with serious business buyers catalyzes your growth and sharpens your competitive edge.¬†¬†By connecting with serious buyers, you're not just expanding your professional circle‚ÄĒyou're aligning with the movers and shakers of the industry, setting a solid foundation for your own success and influence in the market.

  • Knowledge Sharing and Learning -¬†Business buyer communities are rich with collective wisdom and experiences. Members share insights on best practices, emerging trends, and strategies that work (or don't). This environment fosters continuous learning, keeping you informed about the latest developments in your industry.

  • Networking Opportunities -¬†This¬†Pass or Pursue Community connects you with peers and even potential partners. Networking within this groups can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that might not be accessible through traditional channels.

  • Support System & Shared Goals -¬†The journey of a business buyer can be challenging, with complex decisions and high stakes. A community provides a support system of peers who understand these challenges firsthand. Whether you're seeking advice, feedback, or just a listening ear, the community can be a great source of support.
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Who is this course is for? (and not)

Not everyone is going to be a right fit for Buy A Million Dollar Business

You're a good fit for this course on buying a business if:

‚úÖ You understand that this course is a tool, and proactive application is key.

‚úÖ You're open to reassessing or pivoting from your current business buying strategies.

‚úÖ You recognize that the right attitude, dedication and patience are crucial for achieving lasting success.

‚úÖ You acknowledge that if there were a simple, universal formula for success, everyone would be successful.

‚úÖ You're action-oriented and avoid excuses that hinder progress.

‚úÖ You're prepared to seek assistance when challenges arise.

You're not a good fit for this course if:

‚ĚĆ You think merely purchasing a course equates to success.

‚ĚĆ You're unwilling to engage in the essential, sometimes, more often than not, mundane tasks necessary¬†to looking for a business.

‚ĚĆ You expect to be told exactly what to do at every turn and not understanding the skills and time it takes to acquire a multi-million dollar cash flowing asset.

‚ĚƬ†You have a poor credit score,¬† no money saved,¬† and think you can buy a good business without bringing your own capital or raising it from investors.

‚ĚĆ You expect¬†to buy a business without learning the language of business - i.e. accounting

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About Your Coach,  Jon Stoddard

Jon Stoddard is an expert in business acquisition with a track record of entrepreneurial success. With firsthand experience in starting and acquiring companies, Jon has bought three businesses and interviewed over 150 Serial Acquirers on his podcast, Top M&A Entrepreneurs. His insight reveals that acquiring an established business often presents a more lucrative opportunity than building one from the ground up.

Many aspiring business owners ask, "How can I buy a business to achieve wealth and independence?" Jon suggests a more pivotal question: "What do successful business buyers do that enables them to make their first acquisition?" He believes the answer lies in mastering a set of skills and tools, taking massive action, and maintaining persistence.

Jon's own journey reflects his teachings. His first venture faced challenges due to external policy changes, but he persevered, successfully growing and selling an e-commerce business on EmpireFlippers and maintaining a stake in his third acquisition. He co-founded TurboSquid, which raised $5 million before its acquisition by Shutterstock. Jon has also played a pivotal role in helping public companies raise nearly $25 million and achieve a NASDAQ listing.

As the host of "The Top M&A Entrepreneur's Podcast," Jon shares the wisdom of nearly 150 M&A entrepreneurs, helping his listeners learn the ropes of business acquisition and encouraging them to pursue serial entrepreneurship.

Beyond his professional life, Jon is a Prostate Cancer survivor, celebrating his victory against the disease with groundbreaking mRNA clinical trials in 2022. He cherishes his life with his wife Alisha and their teenage twins, alongside their dog, Turbo.  Jon is an alumnus of Northern Arizona University with a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, Jon also served in the United States Air Force, where he had the unforgettable experience of flying in the back seat of an F4 Phantom Fighter Jet.

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  • Access to all courses ($1500 value)
  • Access to all our workshops ($300 value)
  • Access to all our interviews


  • 1000 Virtual Assistant "Your-Buy-Box", Motivated Sellers, Pre-Qualified¬†Deals, Delivered to You - All the¬†heavy lifting¬†done for you


  • Personalized Real Time Help
  • Challenges & Accountability
  • Live Masterminds & Trainings
  • Weekly Group Coaching "Pass of Pursue"


  • Unlimited¬†1:1's with Jon ($100,000 value - because the goal is to buy a multi-million dollar business)¬†
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