DealFlowCapital helps Self-Funded Searchers Raise Money for Acquisitions

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Acquisition Criteria

  • Enduringly Profitable Business
  • 10 years or older
  • High Margins
  • Healthy Profits
  • EBITDA > $500k 
  • Unique Advantage
  • Simple Business Model
  • Successful Operations
  • High Quality Team
  • Distributed Customer Concentration
  • 50% Recurring Revenue Ideal
  • Not Cyclical

Buyer Profile

  • Self-Funded Searcher
  • Corporate Management Experience
  • Military Leadership Roles
  • Owner or Leadership Role in Trades
  • Understands the Language of Business
  • High Degree of Integrity, morals and deep sense of personal responsibility
  • Good Credit Score


If you and your acquisition meets the above parameters then DealFlowCapital can help you raise the equity portion of your acquisition.

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