What I learned from Interviewing 130 Serial Acquirers & The 6 Steps to Buy Your First Business

Hosted by Jon Stoddard

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1. Learn How To Create an Acquisition Target List

Set Goals and Take Massive Prospecting Action to find On Market and OFF Market Deal Flow

2. Learn How To Take Control of the First Seller Meeting

Questions You NEED to Ask and Being Prepared to Help the Seller

3. Learn How To Identify Financial Red Flags

What Financial Reports Cards to Ask For,  How to Read them, How to Identify the Red Flags, How to Identify Risk and Treat it. 

4. Learn How To Determine What a Company is Worth

Valuation and Structuring a Deal - Price vs Terms and Why You Need to Make More Offers

5. Learn How To How Raise Capital and Finance Your Deal

Learn How to Use Financial Leverage Like the PE firms.  Plus Understanding Seller Notes and Raising the Down Payment

6. Learn How To Create a Serial Acquisition System

Learn all about the Types of Holdco's.  The Legal and Tax Implications and how to create transformational wealth with Multiples Arbitrage. 

This Training is perfect for first time Business Buyers who want to head towards transformational wealth! 

I created this Training from what I learned from acquiring three companies and interviewing over 90 Serial Acquisition Entrepreneurs. This Online Training shares everything I learned from them - this is your opportunity to model success. 

By the end of the Training,  you will have created your goals,  identified your ideal target acquisitions,  understand why & how to take massive action and prospect, what to ask for from the seller,  how to analyze a deal, how to value and negotiate the terms and understand how to raise the capital to finance the deal!

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