If your answer is Yes,  Let me share with you why you need this course...

As an co-founder of a startup who has successfully secured $5 million from Intel and a Venture Capital Firm,  and helped raise $100 million for both registered and publicly traded companies, I can tell you Raising Capital from investors is not easy. 

You think your opportunity is great but all investors see is Risk and Uncertainty.   

Investors want to know how they will eventually realize a return on their investment.  If you can't articulate a compelling value proposition on a enduringly profitable acquisition target,  or you did not negotiate a reasonable valuation, or offer a future story or if you can't prove you are the right jockey for the horse or if you don't have a clear exit strategy, such as a plan for a liquidation event, it WILL be hard to almost impossible to secure funding.

I created this course because Raising Capital is a skill that plays a critical role in acquiring a profitable business.  Being able to articulate a compelling story or investment thesis can be a crucial aspect of attracting investors, as it helps them understand why they should consider taking a particular level of risk. 

Without the ability to secure the necessary funding, even the most promising acquisition targets will remain out of reach.  

In this course, I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise, so that others can learn from my successes and avoid common pitfalls. I am confident that my insights and strategies can help you succeed in your fundraising efforts.

By enrolling in my course, you will gain exclusive access to my insider knowledge and proven techniques that have helped countless entrepreneurs just like you secure millions of dollars in funding. You'll learn:

  • How to identify the right investors for your business
  • The art of crafting a compelling pitch that captures investors' attention
  • Where to find Investors and how to pitch them
  • Insider tips for navigating legal and regulatory requirements
  • And much more!

Imagine the sense of accomplishment and financial freedom that comes with acquiring and growing your own successful business. My course provides you with the tools and knowledge to turn that dream into reality.

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What's Inside the "CAPITAL RAISE FORMULA" Course?

Here is a: Compass, Watch and a Map

  • Watch this First - Because the SEC is involved
  • Welcome, here is a Compass, Watch and a Map
  • About Your Instructor(s)
  • Your WHY

Introduction to Raising Capital for SMB Acquisitions

  • Why Raise Capital for SMB Acquisitions?
  • Top 10 Things to Remember When Raising Capital
  • Top 10 Ways to Emotionally Prepare Yourself for a Capital Raise
  • Introduction to Equity Financing for Acquisitions: Funds & Syndications for SMB Acquisitions
  • Raising Capital Setting Expectations - it is hard don't let anyone tell you different
  • The Number of Investors You Need to Connect with to Succeed
  • Casting a Wide Net - What if I don't have a wealthy network?
  • Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors
  • Reg D Filings & other SEC filings
  • What is a Reg D 506c Exemption?
  • What are Blue Sky Laws?
  • How to Really Buy a Company for 1% Down - Using OPM
  • Interview of Onfolio Raising $13.5 Million for Ecommerce Acquisitions

Creating a Fundraising Strategy

  • Developing a Fundraising Strategy for Equity Financing and Syndications
  • Should I Launch a Fund or Syndication?
  • Identifying Potential Investors and Syndication Partners
  • Developing a Pitch Deck for Potential Investors and Syndication Partners
  • Pitch Deck Costs

Equity FUND Structures for SMB Acquisitions Pre LOI

  • What is an Equity Fund Pre LOI
  • What Size of Fund Should a Raise?

Investors: Syndications, PE, FO's, HNWIs & other Sources

  • Types of Syndication Structures
  • General Partnerships: What are they and how they Work
  • Limited Partnerships: What are they and how they Work
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): What are they and how they Work
  • Pros and Cons of Syndication Structures
  • Syndication Platforms
  • What do Syndicate Investors Look for?
  • Is it possible to Raise through a Syndicate after a 90 Day LOI?
  • What happens to the General Partner if the Deal Goes Bad?
  • What are a few of the Fiduciary Responsibilities of a General Partner?
  • Investors: Family Offices, Private Equity
  • Other Sources of Investors: Facebook, Searchfunder etc.
  • 19 Questions to Qualify an Investor
  • Talking to Investors - Asking them to Invest Scripts
  • Hiring Broker/Dealers to Raise Capital for you
  • Sites where Accredited & Institutional Investors hang out

Legal Documents for Raising Capital

  • Overview of the legal documents needed to raise capital for a SMB Acquisition
  • Term Sheet Example
  • Subscription Agreement Example
  • Private Placement Memoranda (PPMs) Example
  • Shareholders Agreement Example
  • Costs of Subscription Agreement, PPM and Shareholders Agreement 
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