Who is Jon Stoddard?

Jon Stoddard is a seasoned entrepreneur and business acquirer with a wealth of experience in both startups and acquisitions. He has successfully acquired three businesses and has interviewed over 100 Serial Acquirers, learning invaluable insights along the way. Jon believes that acquiring businesses, on average, is more lucrative than starting them from scratch.

One common question first-time business buyers ask is, "How do I buy a business and get rich?" However, Jon believes that a better question to ask is, "What do serial acquirers do that enables them to make multiple acquisitions?" The answer is a combination of skills and tools, which can help achieve the desired results in business acquisition.

Jon's entrepreneurial journey includes both success and setbacks. His first acquisition had to be shut down due to changes in Yahoo's ad policy. However, he managed to buy, grow, and sell an e-commerce company on EmpireFlippers, and he still holds a minority equity position in his third acquisition. Additionally, Jon co-founded TurboSquid, a startup that raised $5 million and was eventually sold to Shutterstock.

As the host of "The Top M&A Entrepreneur's Podcast," Jon has interviewed nearly 100 M&A entrepreneurs, gaining invaluable knowledge by modeling their success. Through these conversations, he shares strategies with listeners to help them start acquiring companies and potentially become serial acquirers themselves.

Jon also created DealFlowSystem, which evolved into coaching other Acquisition Entrepreneurs, embracing the philosophy of helping others achieve their goals.

In his personal life, Jon is a proud Prostate Cancer Conqueror, having triumphed over the disease with the help of his doctors and a clinical trial of mRNA in 2022. He is a loving husband and father to teenage twins, a boy and a girl, and a dog lover, especially to his beloved dog Turbo. Jon is also an alumnus of Northern Arizona University (NAU) and a United States Air Force veteran, with a memorable highlight of riding in the back seat of an F4 Phantom.